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Gunnel Liljefors – Hoogers

– was born in 1941 in Sollefteå.
– is a painter and a sculptress who realises her objects of art in different materials and
–    is a member of  KRO , BUS and Enamelföreningen in Falun
–    ” To me mouvement, the one inside you as well as the one outside, is the essential thing in art.”

As a former dancer and a dancing- teacher, her fascination of bodies and movements continues to live in her works of art. In her paintings and sculptures we meet waving lines and fluttering skirts.
Dancing and art have followed her through her whole life. Several of her relatives have been artistes and they encouraged her creativity. However, it was to the dance Gunnel Liljefors-Hoogers first set her mind. She started dancing as a child and trained by Donya Feur with Mats and Niklas Ek from the Cullenberg Ballet. Due to an injury she stopped dancing and started teaching. She has taught dancers for several years, both in Sweden and in Holland
Eventually her interest of art took over and she decided to develop in that area. After stydying art, she bought an old house to get a workroom. In 1989, she started working full-time with painting and sculpturing.
Her passion for dancing, thus in a natural way, can live on in new forms of expression; as subjects in her paintings and her sculptures.


1962-1964    Ballet Academy of Stockholm
1986-1989    Folk High-school of Art in Gävle
1993    Enamel works in Falun
2000              Bronze founder education, moulding in Falun
2002              Glass foundry, kiln casting in Edsbjörke

Sepatarate exhibitions

1984    Ballet studios Pierrot, Groningen, Holland
1986    Rion, Groningen Holland
1988    Gävle Slott, Gävle
1989    Galleri Ölsta skola, Ölsta Sala (Permanent and yearly exhibitions at Easter and Advent)
1991    Galleri Konstgården, Tranås
1992    Galleri 88, Vilhelmina
1992    Dorotea församlingshem, Dorotea
1999    Galleriet Daagarssongården, Bollnäs
2000    Sala silvergruva, Sala
2003    Dansens hus, Stockholm
2003    Konserthuset, Västerås
2005    Växhuset, Västerås
2005    Culturen, Västerås
2005    Konserthuset, Västerås
2007    Åkerby skulpturpark, Nora
2008    Galleri Elixir, Gävle
2009    Gysinge Hantverk (Krokiga smedjan), Gysinge
2010    Församlingsgården, Storvreta
2010    Täljstenen, Sala
2010    Galleri Ängelsberg, Ängelsberg
2011    Panorama Art, Stockholm

Exhibition of collections

1986    Art Fair, De Klinker, Winschoten, Holland
1986    Gävle slott, Gävle
1987    Augélimuseet, Sala
1993    Gruvmuseet, Falun
1994    Art Fair, Sundsvall
1998    Åkerby skulpturpark, Nora
2000    Culturen, Västerås
2002    Kärrgruvan, Norberg
2003    Art Fair, Stockholm
2003    Skulpturgång, Engelsberg
2003    Konstmuseet, Väserås
2004    Art Fair, Stockholm
2004    Virsbo Konsthall, Virsbo
2004    Länsmuseet, Västerås
2005    Brunbäcks Herrgård, Krylbo
2005    Arboga Konsthall
2006    Heby Konsthall, Heby
2006    Norra Källgatan 17, Västerås
2007    Blå Vingen, Knivsta
2007    Stationshuset i Nora (Culture Night), Nora
2008    Vändra, Estland
2008    Nora art, Nora
2009    Aguelimuseet, Sala
2010    Slottet, Västerås
2012    Österåkers konsthall, Åkersberga
2012    Sandvikens konsthall, Sandviken
2012    Mairie du 1er arrondissement de Paris, Frankrike
2013    Rättviks konsthall, Rättvik
2013    Galleri K, Västerås (2 utst. )
2013    Gäddeholms cafe´, Gäddeholm
2014    Köpings konsthall, Köping (2 utställningar)
2014    Väsby konsthall, Upplands Väsby
2014    Virsbo konsthall

Artistic Ornaments

Nederländerna, Basisschool à Termunten, Termunterzijl.Oljemålningar 2st.
Uppsala, Kvarteret Arkitekten, Salabacke Temperamålningar 11st.
Heby, Heby sporthall Enamelwork


The Community of Vilhelmina
The Community of Torsby
Chateau des Réaux, Chouze` sur Loire, France


The Cultural Award of the Community of Sala in 2005
”Vitsippepriset” en 2007

Gunnel Liljefors – Hoogers
Ölsta 116
733 92 Sala
Tel;. +46(0)224 53139